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Our suggestion for summer aperitifs, with white and rosé wines from Puglia

Summer high temperatures and cold dishes for meals make us choose light and fruity wines, with a low alcohol degree and ideal to serve cool, so being pleasant and not heavy.

White or rosé wines – served cool and ideal for a nice after-dinner time, too – are perfect to match with fresh season vegetables, soft cheese, salads, aperitifs on the beach and fruit cocktails.
Our favorite selection for summertime includes:
12EMEZZO ROSATO DI NEGROAMARO DEL SALENTO, pleasant, elegant and slightly sparkling. It is a wine with charming fresh fruit and white flowers aromas.
12EMEZZO MALVASIA BIANCA DEL SALENTO, balanced and lively. A structured white wine, harmonious, persistent and with a delicate flavor.
Another reason to choose it? The variety of its awards.