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Varvaglione 1921 is based in Puglia, right next to Salento, in the heart of Magna Grecia where 2500 years ago the Greeks introduced the free standing farming system for grapevines to better expose bunches to the sun. It is an area supported by the best climate conditions and by the mild Ionian breeze that caresses the lands facing onto the Gulf of Taranto. Salento – as its inhabitants usually describe it – is the land with sun, sea, and wind. And it is true. The sun shines for many days a year, as well as the wind does. In the meanwhile, the charming sea is always there. Salento is a land rich in particular scents. Imagine that when you have a walk in the countryside covered by the Mediterranean vegetation, you get overwhelmed by unique smells. These areas are full of dry stone walls, from where you can enjoy a scenic view of fertile farmlands that combines the deep-green colours of vineyards with the silver hues of centuries-old olive trees. Varvaglione 1921 has managed to combine the latest technologies with ancient traditions. The result has been the production of an assorted selection of wines originating from local vine varieties, as Salento’s symbol products. They are: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Black Malvasia, White Malvasia, Aglianico and Verdeca. Now, through the free standing vineyards in Salento, Varvaglione 1921 is producing high-quality wines, as modern representation of a thousand-year old history. They originate from local vine varieties and the result uniquely reveals the Apulian territory peculiarities. A scrupulous vineyards selection, grape harvest choices and the meticulous wine-making process supervision result in excellent products, also implemented by the constant development in the field of research. Furthermore, the company also produces a wine line, originating only from Apulian grapes grown by organic farming.